Stronger Together

Fostering a tribe where everyone looks out for each other

who we are

We are ordinary people who banded together to provide grocery shopping and delivery support for vulnerable community members in Calgary during COVID-19. 

As we served and also observed other community members help each other out during the shelter-in-place order, we saw genuineness in human kindness.  Hence, with the gradual easing of lockdown, instead of shutting down, we decided to continue to provide a platform to facilitate continued support of each other as Extended Family members. 

…You are welcome to join us as we continue to spread love and lend hands of support to ourselves just because…

what we do


Community Projects Execution

Short term project execution that solves pain-points in our communities. 


Celebrating Community Services

Celebrating unsung heroes who serve in our communities and highlighting their works to inspire others. 


Facilitating Corporate Purpose for SMEs

Providing a platform to connect employees of small businesses to volunteering opportunities.


We disbursed 69 bags of pantry items and over CAD $2000 worth of grocery products.

As the length of the time that was mandated to social distance in March 2020 went beyond 2 weeks to minimize the spread of COVID, we knew there was going to be a need to restock on grocery items…