We live to serve in our community

What We Do

 “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do make a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make” ~ Jane Goodall

On our pilot initiative – the COVID project, we observed that our small gestures can have big impacts in our community and we have decided to continue to take actions that positively influence those around us. On this page, we present what we do and our modus operandi. 

  • This is a live post and we will continue to use the feedback from community members to make necessary adjustments. For comments and recommendations, you are welcome to send us an email to calgaryextendedfamily@gmail.com


Community Projects Execution

Inspired by the COVID project, we will continue to complement the effort of non-profit organizations and the  government by implementing short term projects in our communities that solve a pain-point. While there is presently no specificity in frequency of projects to be executed, it is our desire that we can have 1 per month. Project can be nominated by any member of Extended Family and the eventual decision to pursue the execution of any will be decided by a consensus. 

Celebrating Community Services 

True story:- There is a mid aged man in the Tuscany area in Calgary that has made it a duty to pick up plastics on the street. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of people like him (heroes) that no one talks about. They are the unsung heroes who just put their heads down and create impact. We want to make it a duty to highlight the selfless efforts of these shining lights among us and by so doing, hopefully, inspire more people to serve.

Facilitating CSR for Small Business

We will provide a reliable channel for the management of small businesses to be abreast of volunteering needs of NGOs in our communities which employees can sign up for as part of corporate social responsibility. We hope that this will help these businesses, without breaking the bank, to give employees a sense of purpose through positive actions while also providing a manpower pipeline for the non-profit organizations at no cost. 


Decentralized Decision Making

Extended Family was founded on the construct of collective decision making and this is an ideology that will be upheld. 

At the moment, Extended Family is managed by Israel but as the community grows, it is envisioned that the following points presented below will be an anchor for the decentralized decision making process:

  1.   Executives that will manage the day-to-day activities of Extended Family will be selected with expiring terms. 
  2.   Extended Family members will unanimously decide/update programs and activities that is implemented by the community. 

Radical Transparency

In our COVID-19 project, we adopted radical accountability with proper documentation of all donated items and funds. We were also meticulous in tracking disbursements to beneficiaries. This is a precept that will be sustained throughout the lifespan of this community.

We will not be a black hole with obscure activities. So, it will be expected that all members fully disclose information that concerns the group. This will include receipts of donations from patrons, disbursement to beneficiaries, administrative expenses, rationale behind decisions etc.